WOOLS is a dandy project for men (and women) in Rome, a small space which to find the best quality Made in Italy.
A concept of natural-dressing, with high quality cashmere, wool, cotton, linen, bamboo, using tailors and the best company for manufacturing.
What is the identity of the dandy project? the Tabarro®, tradition and quality hand-made. Giovanni Saporito

Via del Governo Vecchio 59
00186 Rome - Italy
Tel. +39 06.68210942
e-mail info@wools.it

opening hours
Monday 15:30 20:00
Tuesday to Sunday
10:00 14:00
15:30 20:00

my brand list
Cruciani · Valstar · Tabarro · Cherchbi · Scaglione · Roberto Collina · Sartoria Partenopea · Barba · Sozzi · Heavy Project · Camplin · Norse Project · Inis Meain · ...and more in shop